Joining the CFC

Who can join?

Cornell Fitness Center membership is only open to current enrolled/registered Cornell students, their spouses/partners and dependents*.  Once a student is no longer registered or enrolled with Cornell for any reason, all privileges granted a student (membership included) are forfeited automatically with no refunds.  For example, once a student graduates from Cornell, they are no longer registered and/or enrolled so the membership privileges are forfeited at that time with no refunds regardless of the membership that was purchased.


Staff, faculty, retirees, and their spouses/partners may join via the Cornell University Wellness Program. Guest passes are available for $7 per day to those over 18 years of age and sponsored by a current CFC member.


*Spouses, partners and dependents:
Spouses and partners of students, faculty, staff or retirees must present documentation recognized by the university showing benefits eligibility. Dependents are defined by the University as continuing college students until the age of 25. Non-students are considered dependents until age 19. These ages will be used when determining eligibility for membership with CFC. Minimum age for dependents is 16 with a parent present. Dependent members may use the centers and programs without parent supervision beginning at 18 years of age.

Membership Options

CFC Membership

Provides access to all group fitness classes and our five fitness centers.  Various Member Education programs are available at no additional charge.

Fitness Classes Membership

Provides access on a first come first served basis to CFC fitness classes.  Attendance of CFC fitness classes is granted on a first come first served basis to CFC members.  Popular classes can fill quickly and waiting in line may be required to gain access.

Enrollment Fees

Membership Category Student Fee              Enrollment Period
CFC Year $145 8/12/13-8/10/2014
CFC Full Semester $90

Fall: 8/12/13-12/31/13

Spring: 1/2/14-5/26/14

CFC Summer $65 5/26/14-8/10/14
Fitness Classes Year $100 8/12/13-8/10/14
Fitness Classes Full Semester $60

Fall: 8/12/13-12/31/13

Spring: 1/2/14-5/26/14

Payment Options

CFC offers several payment options, but for safety and logistical reasons, we cannot offer all payment methods at all sites.

  • Bursar: If you are a student and want to purchase a membership (not a day pass), you may charge the fee to your bursar bill at any site using the computer kiosks.  You may also purchase your student membership by charging it to your busar using any computer and signing up via the active link on the CFC homepage.
  • Personal Check: You may pay with a personal check in the 305 Helen Newman Hall from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.
  • Credit Card: You may pay with a Visa, MasterCard credit card in 305 Helen Newman Hall between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday.
  • Cash is not accepted for membership payment.

Spouses of students, faculty, or staff must go to our main office at 305 Helen Newman Hall to purchase a membership and obtain a membership card.

To Enroll

Purchase your membership online or stop by any CFC location and fill out a membership form upon agreement to our policies and procedures. If you have any questions or comments about the CFC, please e-mail or call us at 254-2824.