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Personal Training: Fees and Plans



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Payment must be made for the first appointment in the CFC office at 319 Helen Newman Hall (Mon-Fri, 8:00am to 4:30pm).

Personal Training Intake

  • Personal Training Intake Fee: $15
  • The Personal Training Intake must be completed before other Personal Training appointments can be made.  
    • What is a Personal Training Intake?  This one-on-one service consists of a 60 minute fitness consultation  including a review of your health history, your exercise habits, your current fitness level, and your preferences and goals. It will also educate you about exercise guidelines and program design.
    • What do I have to do?  Members must complete all forms from the Personal Trainer Packet and PAR-Q, bring them to this appointment. The health screening process is necessary to help the trainers determine if you can start a new exercise program without consulting a physician. If any medical risk factors are identified that require medical clearance, our trainers will help facilitate this process.  Review all Personal Training Policies before attending the Intake appointment.
    • Cornell Fitness Centers Personal Training Policies
    • Cornell Fitness Centers Personal Training-Getting Started

All services purchased expire at the end of the semester in which they were first purchased. 

Jump Start Fitness

  • Jump Start Fitness Fee: $60
  • A Personal Training Intake (Fee: $15) is required before a Jump Start Fitness appointment can be made.  
    • What is Jump Start Fitness?  This service consists of 2 separate one-hour visits that include a personalized introduction to equipment and exercises and going over an individualized program that was personally developed for you (aimed at helping you meet your fitness goals). The first visit includes instruction on equipment and on proper technique. The second visit focuses on your individualized plan. You will be led through a workout and the trainer will discuss how to progress as you make fitness gains. 
    • What will I gain from this?  You will get a customized workout plan that is based on your goals, workout preferences, fitness level, and available time.  The Personal Trainer’s demonstration and hands-on application will help you gain confidence about proper form and will provide information about how to efficiently complete workouts on your own.
    • Who can benefit from this?  This service is great for beginners or those who want to increase their fitness knowledge, as well as for those who would like a written program to follow. Everyone can benefit from getting more direction on how to best spend their time in the fitness center.


All services purchased expire at the end of the semester in which they were first purchased.  

One-On-One Training

What is One on One Training?  This service is designed for those who like a little extra motivation to keep up a fitness routine, or those who like frequent feedback on technique. The trainer will ask for input from the client on how to spend the time in each session (i.e., Does the client want to focus on proper form, learn new exercises, get extra motivation?, etc.).  All 1-on-1 sessions are 1 hour in duration.

  • A Personal Training Intake (Fee: $15) is required before any One-on-One Personal Training appointments can be made.
  • Personal Training Single Session Fee: $25    -OR-
  • Personal Training 6 Session Package Fee:$135 for 6 sessions which includes a customized workout plan. 

All services purchased expire at the end of the semester in which they were first purchased.  

      Example: Purchase a 6 session package in the fall and it expires at the end of Fall Semester (no  

      outstanding sessions can be used after the Fall semester). 

Body Composition Testing

Personal Training Intake is not required for this service. There are two options for this testing.  It is recommended that you read about the body composition testing protocol before your appointment.  Read about it here. When performed according to recommended protocols both of the methods listed below have approximately the same degree of accuracy.

  • Skinfold Caliper Testing Fee: $15 
    • The Skinfold Method uses calipers to measure the thickness of skinfolds at 3 to 7 sites, thereby measuring fat stored just under the skin. A regression equation is used to calculate an estimate of body density and body composition from this information. Skinfold measurements should not be done immediately after exercise. BIA testing will also be optional and included in the $15 fee.
  • BIA Testing Fee: $5
    • BIA (bio-electrical impedance analysis) is a fast and easy method of measuring body fat in which a safe, low-level electrical signal is sent through the body to estimate your body fat volume and percentage by weight. It is best to take BIA body composition readings at a consistent time of day when you are normally hydrated.
    • Cornell Fitness Center Personal Training Policies

 Personal Training Information:

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